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After selling one Internet Marketing firm funded by IBM and one sponsored by Microsoft, we retired from Fortune 100 clients to help local small businesses.

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My name is David Cragg — the principal of TemeculaSEO. I received a BA in Economics with a minor in Computer Science from UCLA graduating Cum Laude. I earned a MBA with honors from the University of Washington in Marketing. From there, I have held a variety of sales, marketing and technical positions for Microsoft, Exxon, SMC and a variety of other high tech companies. In 1990, I started my first company.

One of our earliest internet marketing clients funded our company to help their dealer channel.During the 15 years that I was president of MSD2D.com and Lotus411.com, we provided Internet marketing services for 1000s of Microsoft’s and IBM’s third-party clients. Some of the larger companies included Microsoft, IBM, HP, The Irvine Company, Dell, Lotus Corp., Intel, EMC, CommVault and many others. We serviced 10 times as many small companies as we did large companies. As a matter of fact, the large companies came to MSD2D because of the success we had for smaller vendors.

We sold each of our companies to the largest publishers in our industry. These companies decided to purchase our companies to understand how we had been so effective in providing Internet marketing for small vendors. Unfortunately, they lost their investments and our clients as they were stuck doing things like a big company.

I retired at the age of 50, thanks to God’s blessings. Now I am looking to help small businesses grow their businesses with SEO and Internet marketing to keep busy during retirement and earn money for tech toys. I, therefore, charge about 1/10th the going rate for my services.

The Internet offers very low-cost marketing opportunities. Small companies rarely have the experience to know how to capitalize on them. From my experience, virtually no web designers understand the secrets needed to get Google’s top 10 listings. Search Engine Optimization is essential to your website being located by your audience. Today’s consumer uses Google Search to satisfy their curiosities, diagnose their health, and indeed discover businesses like yours. The most effective way to implement web marketing is to simply ensure that your site is found when your target clientele searches for you.

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“I have been using Dave’s SEO services for over 5 years now. I am thrilled with the results. My business’ Google ranking has steadily improved since he’s taken over. When I ask for support, he drops everything and deals with my issues immediately. I never have to wait. I appreciate all his efforts and expertise and looking forward to many more years working with him.”

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