A few of our clients tell their stories of success using Tucson SEO.

David Cragg

32 Yr. SEO Professional

Customer Aquisision Is The Cornerstone To Build Your Business.

“Dave does much more than “just” SEO, or at least he does everything even tangentially related to SEO. Not just finding keywords and maximizing them, but rather looking at things at their foundation so we get the best possible results. Dave is very hands-on and blazingly fast with execution. I’m sure I’ve tried his patience as I know just enough to be annoying and not near enough to do a good job of this myself. He manages to explain complex topics at a “for dummies” level but without making me feel like an idiot.

With a lot of people our company works with, we are ready for their services/delivery/etc before they are. This is especially true of some of our previous marketing efforts. We try not to get too impatient. With Dave, on the other hand, we can’t keep up. And our results have improved dramatically very quickly!”

Andrew Karter Client
Marc Rowen


Search Engine Optimization Tucson

“David is a perfectionist when it comes to his clients. He often works through the night when a client’s site has a problem. He treats his clients and their business as if it were his own business. A real professional!!!”

Vivian Schadler

Cosmetic Doctor

Let’s Make Things Happen

David Cragg

David Cragg

32 Year SEO Professional

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