The Challenge

We have dealt with about six web guys over the last eight years. All of them made big promises, but after the first month, they all just disappeared except when it was time to get paid. David at Tucson SEO finds new ways to service our business every month. We never have to deal with any of the difficulties of keeping our website thriving. He also keeps us in the know on a regular basis about both the good and bad issues facing our business from the web.  Finally, he provides us with monthly reports where we can monitor the progress. We are lucky to have discovered this gem.


First-Year Revenue Growth

The proof was in both the increased web traffic and our revenue.


Marketing Firm

We sold our business at a far higher price than expected because of our work with Tucson SEO.



We had so many competitors and thought we would never break through on the web.

“I called to inquire about SEO services. Dave was extremely helpful in providing knowledge and guidance for a small business just getting started. Even though David knew that we could never afford his help, he gave us over an hour of time with instructions on how we could improve our web presence on our own. I have never heard of anyone giving away their time but are so thankful to David for the gift.”

Andreas Casey Client
Sandy Schadler

Marketing Consultant Expert

Grow your traffic

Tucson SEO will adopt your business and treat it as if it were our own. You will find that we will hold your hand and teach you to understand the language of SEO and how they can participate in growing their business with Search Engine Optimization.


Increase your sales

Watch as your keywords march toward the top of Google listings. Each little move will generate traffic and sales, which translates into revenue.

Sales Chart

“David is a perfectionist when it comes to his clients. He often works through the night when a client’s site has a problem. He treats his clients and their business as if it were his own business. A real professional!!!”

Melissa Dean Client
Lenna Emmer


Let’s Make Things Happen

David Cragg

David Cragg

32 Year SEO Professional

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