Huge Rewards

Our company was a one-man shop when I found Tucson SEO five years ago. The first day we hired them, it was evident that we made the right choice.  They executed the plan they laid out for me quickly. If anything, I was the one that slowed them down during the initial implementation.  We saw results after just one month even though David told us we would have to wait six months.  After six months, I added a second truck and my first employee. Now I have 13 trucks and 16 employees. I vacation worldwide and have all the toys that I ever dreamed of.  Tucson SEO is the first company I pay and the last that I would ever consider letting go of.


First-Year Growth Rate

Whenever a competitor asks how we were able to grow so quickly, I tell them our service is just that good.


Our Plumbing Company is Now #1

I never thought it would be possible to grow as fast and consistently as we have done over the last five years.


Number of Competitors

Five years ago, we were the smallest plumber. Now we are #1.

“David at TemeculaSEO is a unique professional. He has been in the industry almost longer than the web has been around. He cares about my success and spends as much time as it takes to make my business succeed. I wish that I could afford to pay him more.”

SEO Company
Dr. Ryan Marshall, D.C.


Grow your traffic

Tucson SEO will adopt your business and treat it as if it were our own. You will find that we will hold your hand and teach you to understand the language of SEO and how they can participate in growing their business with Search Engine Optimization.


Increase your sales

Watch as your keywords march toward the top of Google listings. Each little move up will generate traffic and sales, which translates into revenue.

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Let’s Make Things Happen

David Cragg

David Cragg

32 Year SEO Professional

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